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Peggy Ann Truck Repair & Wrecker Service has a reputation for providing superb towing services to motorists in the Rockwood, TN area. Our experts treat your vehicle like their own.

Take one look at our professional-looking tow trucks and you will realize you are dealing with a towing and recovery expert in the field. Customers love seeing our brightly colored vehicles throughout town. Stranded motorists find them comforting and easy-to-spot from down the road. Motorists within close distance love hearing the sweet sounds of a powerful, yet quiet, engine.

We love sharing our passion for the towing industry with anyone who will listen. Find our experts regularly giving speeches on how to stay safe while stranded alongside the road. Did you know that you are supposed to pull over as far as possible from moving traffic? Our experts will share valuable insider tips that will inform and inspire everyone.

Keep your vehicle safe by making certain your towing company uses professional-grade, industry-recommended tow winching items. Many competitors use low-grade products that scrape, damage, or otherwise mistreat customer vehicles. Some tow truck operators are not specially trained in using towing winches to secure commercial vehicles to the tow truck. Even if a standard car is not securely attached to the tow winch, it can come loose, resulting in all types of damage.

When this happens, vehicle owners are left footing the bill, since all towing activities are at the owner's risk. Be assured that our experts will not let this happen. Your vehicle will be treated with respect, care, and professionalism.

Towing is a specialized skill that demands expertise and advanced training.

The reputable experts at Peggy Ann Truck Repair & Wrecker Service love helping motorists in the Rockwood, TN area. Ignore the rest and turn to us sooner than later!

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