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Peggy Ann Truck Repair & Wrecker Service has a mission of proving to motorists in the Rockwood, TN area that not all roadside assistance providers are the same. Our 50 years of experience is a rare occurrence in our heavily congested industry.

As soon as you call our shop, count on our dispatcher asking a number of questions to gather valuable information. Questions will include your name, location, vehicle make, model, and year, and other pertinent data deemed necessary. You will be asked whether you have car insurance or roadside assistance coverage. If you do, you will need to provide your account number.

Once this information is received, our dispatcher promptly relays the data to one of our roadside assistance professionals. The professional will take the information provided and stock the tow truck with applicable tires, windshield wipers, parts, and other accessories as per your problem description.

Count on our roadside assistance professionals arriving in easily identifiable, well-maintained tow trucks. They will be wearing our company uniforms, complete with name tags and identification. Look for our company logo on both the passenger and driver doors. You can sit in the cab while our expert makes required repairs, if desired.

Once at your vehicle, you can describe what happened when your car broke down. This will give our professional an idea of where to start the manual inspection. An inspection will be done to determine which service is best suited to your individual situation.

Do not concern yourself with roadside assistance communications. Our team of professionals has years of experience working with insurance and roadside assistance providers. We handle the paperwork. You sit back and relax from your nerve-racking experience.

Make life easy in the Rockwood, TN area by hiring Peggy Ann Truck Repair & Wrecker Service for competent roadside assistance services. Do it now!

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